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Body & Mind Integration

Stress Management

Stress is a manifestation of how the body and psyche react to the events in our lives. When our bodies have to carry stress from past experiences it becomes more difficult to handle more stress in the present, leaving more to be added to our load. To be healthy, our minds and bodies need to return to balance whenever they are stressed. Fred teaches how we can support our bodies in resolving old stress and healthy strategies for acquiring less stress in life.

Wholeness Psychotherapy

Normal experiences can usually be recalled on demand. Most overwhelming and traumatic events are kept hidden from us in the form of unconscious memories. These can act as negative filters and have a profound, unconscious effect distorting and interfering with every aspect our lives. Most of us experience the effects of this when we ‘get our buttons pushed.’ These old, emotionally charged memories can be resolved with Wholeness Pattern Healing.

Wholeness Hypnotherapy

Hypnosis: A mental state of focussed attention that excludes unrelated information. Everyone does this spontaneously and naturally every day when watching television, playing sports, reading a book, solving problems or being absorbed in a conversation. The value of Hypnotherapy ranges from facilitating healing and eliminating addictions, enhancing athletic performance, and lessening or resolving acute and chronic pain, and much more.

Rhythmic Deep Tissue Massage

This form of massage addresses the membrane structure, which exists everywhere in the body including muscles. It holds everything together. It is also protective, contracting and becoming more fibrous when the body is stressed by traumatic injury, repetitive motion, inflammation or mental distress. The massage is done through clothing. It is gentle and rhythmic, providing relaxation and relief from many acute and chronic ailments.

Meditation and Breathing

Over the past 40 years Fred has taught various, traditional and new, meditation practices and breathing techniques, many of which are effective in neutralizing stress, increasing mind/body coordination, promoting a return to natural balance, more inner peace, greater resilience, and a deeper sense of self-awareness. All of the different techniques and practices that are offered are natural, simple and easily learned.

Energy Work

When we feel tired and exhausted it is often because stress has caused imbalance in the system and the structural, connective tissue membranes in the body to contract which blocks the energy flow. Energy work, combined with massage and other mind/body therapies, helps release the constricting structures to become free and facilitate our natural flow of energy. This help us feel stronger and more clear, vital and alive.


Our amazing brains can actually change dysfunctional neurological patterns that underlie acute and chronic conditions such as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, stroke, and chronic pain. This understanding has produced effective new approaches to help resolve more common problems such as anxiety, headaches, whiplash, sports injuries, back pain, recovery from surgery, digestive disorders and so on.


Everyone has an imagination whether we use pictures or not. We can make ourselves upset by thinking of negative things. Or we can use imaging in a positive way, to strengthen and enhance our well being on all levels. In elite sports imaging is used to help create and refine muscle coordination and develop the experience of ‘Flow.’ Imaging can also be used to facilitate healing, emotional balancing and greater mental clarity.

Practices for Life

Between treatment sessions and after the different therapies have served their purpose there are many simple and very effective skills we can learn and practise to both facilitate the resolution of our specific issues and help prevent further recurrence and distress for body and mind. One of the main goals of Wholeness Therapy is to help everyone create a stronger inner sense of strength, resilience and stability.