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Massage Therapy

Nearly everyone can benefit from massage therapy. Massage has been proven effective in improving both physical and emotional well-being. Massage can help to induce a deep sense of relaxation, reduce muscle tension 1 and anxiety, 2 and help to strengthen the immune system. 3 The holistic effect is a restored and refreshed body and mind.

Massage to balance the nervous system

Many people suffer from high stress levels, from a variety of causes. This stress can manifest itself in various forms of ill health, including aches, tension headaches, digestive problems, and joint pain. It’s not in our scope to remove the events in your life that are causing you stress, but we can help you to deal with it through massage therapy. Massage helps to remove tension from muscles, and allows you to relax. Many of our patients find that this removal of tension leads to immediate improvements in their other symptoms of stress.

Does massage help injury recovery?

Yes, it does. 4 Whether you are suffering from a sports injury, injuries sustained in a car accident, or acute pain of any kind, it is likely that you can benefit from massage therapy. Massage is very effective at reducing pain and inflammation, and can significantly enhance the healing process. We can work with your doctor or other healthcare provider to determine how to best utilize massage to improve your recovery.

Can massage help with chronic pain?

Massage therapy can do a lot to alleviate the burden of living with chronic pain. Patients suffering from repetitive strain injuries, migraines, fibromyalgia, and arthritis experience relief from their symptoms with professionally performed massage therapy. Many of our patients report an improved ability to manage their pain, which can be attributed to the deep relaxation offered by massage and the accompanying elimination of tension. If you suffer from chronic pain, we will work with you to improve your quality of life through massage.

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